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January 10, 2021
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April 11, 2021


Hello, I am Duarte Vizcaino, Bitcoin Trust´s cofounder. Today I would like to share the results of a dream come true with you. Today, I invite you to be a part of a wonderful vision that began in 2012; in which I decided to stop my professional career in order to search for an option for income that would allow me to obtain the necessary resources to be able to sustain our humanitarian foundation.

And like the saying says “He who searches, shall find

Thanks to a friend, I found Bitcoin, which in the moment cost $15.00. It was in that moment that I began my studies on blockchain. Two years later, I was working full time as a crypto trader. I managed to create an academy that educated thousands of people in the United States and Latin America in this market. I had the privilege of being one of the first successful crypto traders.

In 2014, after having studied the different cryptocurrency projects, such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Lisk, etc. I saw a need for the existence of a cryptocurrency with an ecosystem directed at global commerce. One that focused on providing technological advances that blockchain delivers; and through this, joining blockchain and commerce on all levels.

This new cryptocurrency with its ecosystem, would grant governments tools for transparency, efficiency and order in the different state ministries. For example, transparent elections in real time, tamper-proof and incorruptible with blockchain as its base. It would also grant national and transnational companies an automation, security, speed, order and simplicity in operative processes. In a similar manor, blockchain would give small businesses such as clinics, lawyers, pharmacies, schools, supermarkets, etc. the same benefits.

In that moment, the advances in the crypto world were still in diapers. We did not have the technology to develop this vision. And the cryptocurrency projects that had been created up until that moment did not count on the technological development that would permit an efficient scalability through the years for a project like this one. It was a time for trial and error.

In 2014 we started a process to study and investigate blockchain. I formed a work team with young people, whose advanced blockchain studies we covered. We give and participate in seminars, classes and conferences on the subject. We made strategic alliances with professionals in this field that joined the vision. We exhaustively studied the weaknesses and strengths of other cryptocurrency systems and we began to develop the ecosystem for the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency on the market.

Each detail was built with dedication, from the creation of the initial logo, the market study that would show us in what areas we would develop, the MVP (minimum viable product), the technical and technological details that the currency would have, the distribution model, the periods of development and the creation of the technology that will accompany the ecosystem, like Smart Contracts.

Thanks to the success that we had in the future trading studies, we began an academy that educates thousands of people in future trading and cryptocurrency around the world. In conclusion, the foundation was laid to make the vision on this new cryptocurrency possible, effective and sustainable.


Logo and symbolism.

The BitcoinTrust logo was created with a symbolism that transmits the ecosystem´s intention.

  • 01. Color: Gold, symbol for purity.
  • 02. Name: BitcoinTrust, trustworthy digital currency.
  • 03. Motto: Equality, liberty, justice and dignity; which are the foundation for universal human rights.
  • 04. Bird: Peregrine hawk, the fastest creature in the animal kingdom, it reaches speeds of 389km/h. It symbolizes the speed with which BitcoinTrust will reach the world.
  • 05. The Scale: Represents justice including the much-needed financial justice in the world.
  • 06. The 5 Feathers: Symbolize the 5 continents in the world, for a global inclusion of the benefits for this new technology.
  • 07. 3 Stars At The Top: Represent divinity and perfection.
  • 08. 12 Stars At The Bottom: Represent the 12 apostles and the 12 tribes.
  • 09. The Sun: Represents hope with the phrase “For A Better World.”


After this first stage, by the year 2017 the first global boom in the crypto-world occurred, catapulting Bitcoin from $772.00 to $20,000.00. Thanks to my previous studies on crypto-markets I predicted this event and we capitalized with enough resources to complete this grand vision. With our strategic alliances and now with more capital, the project advanced in the creation of the technological development that would take us to the desired objective.





I would like to show you the necessity that exists and the solution that BitcoinTrust brings to the world through blockchain technology. Imagine tens of thousands of commercial goods and services that exist today in their different categories, for example:

  • Services lent by companies.

  • Professional services.

  • Communication services.

  • Construction services.

  • Related services.

  • Distribution services.

  • Educational services.

  • Energy services.

  • Services related to the environment.

  • Financial services.


This is just mentioning a few, each of these areas has dozens, hundreds or thousands of different goods. Now I want you to be able to visualize the magnitude ahead. Imagine how many websites there are on the internet, we can say that about 98% of them could and should evolve to blockchain, and BitcoinTrust has created the structure to duplicate and the simplicity to facilitate access to this technology.


Important Characteristics:


(Stake) in your main wallets:

BitcoinTrust bases its mining system on Proof of Stake (PoS). it is a type of incentive; the more coins in your wallet, the more you help the network and the more reward you will have. For example, a person who owns 1000 BCT can put it to mine in their personal computer and earn mining rewards, plus the revalorization of the currency. In summary, just putting your coins in your wallet gives you more earnings and you support the security of the network.

BitcoinTrust has been designed with the planet in mind; it does not generate high consumption thanks to the POS mining, which is eco-conscious. It helps lower the high consumption of electricity of the POW system and the consumerism that Asic equipment, graphic card, etc. generate.



Let´s talk about the tangible. With some products already created and the continued development of others in a real and usable ecosystem based on blockchain. This allows people to use their BitcoinTrust on all of their basic needs. It is important to highlight that we built a platform that allows computer developers to create smart contracts for all areas of commerce, not only financial ones or ones for the cryptocurrency. It´s also worth noting that we have developed the most complete smart contract for the benefit of agriculture, which we have made available for free to the world.

These are some immediate products:


Currently, many companies and people perceive blockchain as inaccessible, it is almost impossible to get professional programmers in this area and they find costs to be too high. This shows an abyss between the people interested and blockchain. In BitcoinTrust we have developed a SmartContract technology and API system that makes it easy for programmers, enthusiasts or learners to create any type of product in BitcoinTrust´s Trustsmart.



Smart Contracts based in Blockchain are the future of technology. Just the same way we learned how to use a computer or a smartphone a few years ago or the way it is necessary to use a mask in Coronavirus times, that is how important it is for any developer, company or government to be knowledgeable about Smart Contracts and how to benefit.

What is a Smart Contract? (TrustSmart)


The development team is of vital importance in an ecosystem of this nature. In the creation of this extraordinary ecosystem, experts in different areas such as blockchain technology, traders and market analysts, computer programmers, mathematic experts, financial experts, marketing communicators, informatic architects, lawyers, agricultural engineers and psychologists have participated. A whole team of professionals with diverse knowledge have worked to bring us here.



Today BitcoinTrust has an important growing community which participates on different social media; Telegram being the official channel for primary communication. The majority of interested people join through Facebook and Instagram. You can find the marketing and education videos and tutorials on YouTube



We count on an educational academy called TrustLearning in which people, who have not had experience or knowledge of cryptocurrency before, are educated from an initial level to advanced, by experts completely cost free.
We are making strategic alliances that will catapult BitcoinTrust into one of the 3 most important cryptocurrencies in the crypto world. For example, we created a strategic alliance with Tesora International Bank, a multinational finance entity with offices in Switzerland, London, Barcelona, Italy, USA, and others. This will facilitate commerce for users and governments through the ease of use of BitcoinTrust.


These and other details make BitcoinTrust the cryptocurrency that you should have as primary in your portfolio. Let´s continue together until we see a better world for everyone.

On BitcoinTrust´s website, you can learn more.



Founder, Trader, Stock Market Analyst, Expert In Blockchain Technology, System Programming, Theologian.